Travel and baseball

Travel and baseball

Travel is a thing that seems to unite people. There is something so appealing about packing a bag and going somewhere unfamiliar.

Growing up, I was always so intrigued by people who weren’t from Kentucky. It was interesting to me that there was so much world out there that I hadn’t yet seen. Like many people, I was curious and a little fearful of the things I didn’t know.

I have always sought out adventure, being somewhat of a “yes man” when it comes to experiences. Because of this, I have gone on many spur-of-the-moment trips that led to irreplaceable memories. Any opportunity to jaunt off to a new spot was one worth taking in my eyes!

In 2017, I met my fiance who, at the time, played baseball for the Cincinnati Reds organization. I was from Kentucky, he was from California. Almost immediately, we began our long distance relationship, meeting in many new cities to see each other. That was my first real taste of travel. Together, we met up in 13 different states just to make this thing work.

Our marriage in December will be the end of our long distance travel and the beginning of our full time travel together. I will continue following him as he pursues his dream of playing professional baseball. I could not be more excited/eager/in love with the chance to travel with this man.

Something worth noting is that when this opportunity first presented itself, it scared the daylight out of me. To be in a relationship with a man who lived across the country, played baseball, and that I had only known for one week seemed nearly impossible to me for so many reasons. If I had said no out of fear, I would have been saying no to the very thing I had been praying for over and over again. It’s important to recognize your blessings, even if they don’t look how you pictured them.

Now that I am here, I am so glad that I didn’t run away in fear!

Has there been a time that you wanted to say no to something but saying yes proved worth it? Comment below!